What Is RHA Dermal Filler?

Considering Cosmetic Dermal Fillers to Look Younger and Healthier?

Then you know that there are many brands of dermal fillers flooding the market.

Two of the most popular and tested fillers are Juvéderm and RHA, or resilient hyaluronic acid fillers. If you’re exploring cosmetic fillers, then allow me to give you some information about the popular new filler, RHA vs. Juvéderm. 

Here Are Some Similarities Between Juvederm and RHA Dermal Fillers for Blasting Wrinkles

Both can help problems from the aging process, such as dullness, dehydration, fine lines, severe wrinkles, and sunken facial features.

They also both have a wide variety of possible applications when it comes to treating wrinkles and are considered safe. They are similar in cost, ranging from $700 to $850 per syringe.

But Here’s Where They’re Different when It Comes to Reversing the Aging Process

Juvéderm is mostly used for the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and lips, whereas RHA fillers can be used on any dynamic wrinkles.

New RHA fillers are the only ones to be FDA approved for treating dynamic wrinkles. They also tend to last longer than their rival, Juvéderm – up to 18 months, compared to Juvéderm’s 12 months.

So How Do You Know Which to Choose When It Comes to New Filler, RHA vs. Juvéderm? Trust That the Specialists at Prolase Laser Clinic Have the Expertise to Give You the Results You’re Looking For!

Overall, it depends on where you want injections and the results you desire to help determine which filler is right for you.

Prolase Laser Clinic offers dermal fillers, including RHA and Juvéderm, so when researching new filler, RHA vs. Juvéderm, let us help you decide which one is best.

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