Under-Eye Filler


— An elevated experience with remarkable results.

Dermal fillers can be used to provide rejuvenation for your under-eye area. This treatment, also known as tear trough filler and dermal fillers for tear troughs, helps your eyes look brighter and more awake. Ditch the expensive creams and concealers, and get brighter eyes with this simple procedure. You can get the particular results you want thanks to this highly customizable treatment.

Why Choose Tear Trough Filler for Under-Eye Rejuvenation?

Choose under-eye filler if you are tired of looking tired thanks to your under-eye circles. This treatment is non-invasive, offers natural results, and is safe and effective with no downtime necessary. A great thing about under-eye filler is that it is highly customizable across different patients.  

What Do Under-Eye Filler Injections Feel Like?

Lidocaine is often combined with injectable fillers to provide pain relief during injections. A topical numbing agent may also be used. As a result, tear trough filler can be painless.

When Will I See Dermal Filler Results Under My Eyes?

You will see results immediately after your procedure, which will continue to improve over the next couple of weeks. These results should last for anywhere between six and twelve months. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Under-Eye Filler?

Ideal candidates for dermal fillers under eyes have some hollowness under their eyes and want to make their under-eye area brighter. Results will turn out best if the skin under the eyes is thick and elastic. You should be in good health and not smoke. 

Where Is the Best Place to Get Under-Eye Filler in Falls Church?

Look more awake with the best tear trough filler in Falls Church at Prolase Medispa. Our specialists are trained to provide every client with beautiful results. Contact us at 703-747-9443 to make an appointment as soon as possible for eye rejuvenation!