What You Need to Know About Non-Surgical Male Breast Reduction From Revolutionary CoolSculpting for Men’s Chest

A sensational new way to get rid of the dreaded man breasts, CoolSculpting for men’s chest freezes away fat in as little as one 35-minute session.

It’s an FDA-cleared cosmetic procedure that is helping men feel more sexy, confident, and comfortable in their own skin.

We all know that women aren’t the only ones concerned about their appearance. And there’s no need to worry about yours any longer!

Why Choose CoolSculpting for Men’s Chest? So Many Amazing Benefits!

Tired of trying to firm your chest with push-ups, kettlebell swings, inverted rows, and other exercises to no avail? Now, you don’t have to! CoolSculpting for men’s chest allows you to passively eradicate fat cells in the area in a targeted way. With this amazing procedure, you can:

  • Afford treatments to finally get rid of fat in your chest. It costs as little as $1,200 (or less) to get the results you want.
  • Feel more confident when you take your shirt off at the beach or anywhere else.
  • Immediately return to normal activities. There is zero downtown afterward!
  • Permanently eliminate 20% of fat cells per session in the treated area.
  • Quit the intense workouts that aren’t giving you the results you want.* Some stubborn fat just can’t be banished with diet and exercise alone.
  • Skip invasive and risky cosmetic surgery.

*Note that best results are achieved and maintained when you regularly exercise and eat healthy.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Unwanted Chest Fat for a More Toned Physique With CoolSculpting? There’s No Need to Wait – Book Now!

Prolase MediSpa offers CoolSculpting for men’s chest, and we have helped many men experience the benefits of this outstanding treatment. Call us today to book your at 703-747-9443, or book your complimentary consultation online now, and be on your way to targeting and eliminating trouble areas of chest fat!