Is CoolSculpting Better Than Lipo

If you are looking into body contouring treatments, you may be wondering: Is CoolSculpting better than lipo?

While both are safe and effective fat removal options, one may be more suitable than the other depending on your concerns, goals, and willingness to have surgery and subsequent downtime.

Continue reading to learn which procedure is right for you, and why CoolSculpting is an ideal sculpting solution for these 3 areas.

Is CoolSculpting Better Than Lipo?

For healthy women and men, who struggle with diet and exercise resistant fat pockets, CoolSculpting is an excellent nonsurgical solution.

In fact, without incisions, anesthesia, or recovery, CoolSculpting can eliminate up to 24 percent of fat cells via cryolipolysis.

In the event that a patient is interested in removing large volumes of thicker fat and open to surgery, then liposuction is worth considering.

3 Ideal Areas for CoolSculpting

Because of its contoured hand pieces, CoolSculpting is uniquely designed to slim some hard-to-treat areas of the body.

In fact, when it comes to these trouble spots, CoolSculpting is definitely a better fit than liposuction.

Underarm Fat

CoolSculpting’s CoolMini applicator is the perfect shape and size to eliminate bothersome bulges under the arms.

Treatment takes just 45 minutes and results become evident as early as four-to-six weeks.

Banana Roll

The area of fat under the buttocks on the back of the thighs is commonly referred to as a banana roll.

CoolSculpting is a preferable fat removal technique in this instance because it gradually eliminates fat and avoids the sagging that can occur with liposuction.

Upper Inner Thighs

If you’re wondering: Is CoolSculpting better than lipo for the upper inner thighs? The answer is absolutely! CoolSculpting offers an effective, yet gentler approach to eradicating fat in the upper inner thighs.

This is especially important because this part of the body is prone to skin laxity, which can be further exacerbated by a more aggressive treatment like liposuction.

Learn More About CoolSculpting

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