Does Insurance Cover Laser Hair Removal for Military in Fairfax, Virginia?

Laser hair removal, or LHR, is an increasingly popular, incredibly beneficial cosmetic procedure.

If you or a loved one are military personnel, you may be wondering, “Does insurance cover laser hair removal for military in Fairfax, Virginia?” Here’s what you need to know!

Why Should You Opt for Laser Hair Removal in the First Place?

There are many benefits to LHR compared to waxing or shaving, but what it ultimately boils down to is the convenience that laser hair removal offers.

Firstly, you save more money in the long run. Shaving and waxing costs build up significantly over the course of a year, not to mention your lifetime, as they’re recurring expenses. Shaving can be a near daily activity, and waxing requires necessary maintenance each month.

Secondly, you save more time. If you or a loved one is in the military, you know how hectic and busy your lives really are. Who has the time to worry about shaving or waxing? Laser hair removal takes the inconvenience out of regular removal methods.

Do Insurance Programs Cover Laser Hair Removal for Military in Fairfax, Virginia?

As of 2019, Tricare does help cover the costs of laser hair removal deemed necessary due to pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB), a condition which results in painful inflammation, bumps, and ingrown hairs that can be unsightly and distracting in addition to uncomfortable.

For military personnel or family members who don’t have PFB, don’t fret! Many medical spas offer discounts to honor those who serve. Simply look around in your area for medical spas with special offers, and call to ask them what you need to provide to receive that discount!

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