How to Get Natural Looking Lip Filler Results in Fairfax, Virginia

Many people see over-filled, unnatural looking, celebrity duck lips and think, “Lip filler is not for me!” The truth is your look absolutely does not have to be that way.

Natural looking lip filler results in Fairfax, Virginia are possible, and here’s how you get them.

What Is the Secret to Natural Looking Lip Filler Results?

Brands of dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane make dermal fillers specifically for safely enhancing the size, shape, and volume of lips, many of which are designed to create an appearance that doesn’t look overdone.

The key to looking au naturel is finding a provider who understands lip anatomy. The right provider will know exactly how much lip filler is needed to provide you with a subtle yet noticeable change.

How Long Does It Take to See Lip Filler Results?

You’ll notice an immediate change in volume, but it takes about a week or two for bruising and swelling to subside. You should see the final outcome of your natural looking lip filler results in Fairfax, Virginia, within one to two weeks.

Amazingly, you can expect to enjoy the plumping effect for six months to a year, depending on which brand was used, how fast you metabolize fillers, and other factors.

Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Filler?

Almost everyone is a good candidate for lip filler! As long as you are healthy and have the desire to increase volume, reshape, or resize your lips, you will likely qualify for injections.

For Natural Looking Lip Filler Results in Fairfax, Virginia, Choose the Experts at Prolase Medispa!

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