3 Tips to Choose the Best Laser Hair Removal Practice in Northern Virginia

For many, laser hair removal is the ideal way to get rid of pesky, unwanted hair. It’s a way to throw away the razor and the wax strips and leave razor burn and bumps behind. During laser hair removal, the laser targets hair follicles and damages the cells, so the hair doesn’t grow back. Oftentimes, the results are permanent, and you can eliminate 60% to 80% of hair permanently within six sessions. So, how do you find the best laser hair removal practice in Virginia? Read on for our top 3 tips.

Here Are Our Top Three Tips for Choosing the Best Laser Hair Removal Practice in Virginia


  • Look For a Qualified Provider


Laser hair removal may not seem like a complex procedure, but there are many details that go into ensuring you have a great experience and achieve remarkable results. Choosing a qualified provider helps eliminate worry and makes sure your procedure is a success. 


  • Read Local Reviews


All businesses have reviews online, whether on their own website or via third-party sites. It is important to read the reviews to get a general idea of what you can expect from that clinic, for that service. Many clinics have a Testimonials tab where you can read legitimate reviews left by previous clients.


  • Schedule a Consultation


During your consultation, ask questions. The specialist is there for you and should be willing to answer any questions you may have. Questions such as what their qualifications are, whether their equipment is FDA approved, and what kind of lasers they use all good questions. Before committing to the practice, make sure you are comfortable in the office. 

Summer Is Sneaking Up Fast – Be Prepared, Be Hair-Free!

Using an internet search to find the best laser hair removal practice in Virginia will lead you back to our outstanding clinic here at Prolase. If you’re ready to ditch your razor, give us a call today at 703-747-9443 to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal!