3 Commonly Asked Questions About Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax

Tired of those itchy razor bumps? Worried that you might have missed a couple of spots? Full body laser hair removal in Fairfax is the perfect way to throw out the razors! I’m sure you’re wondering how long does full body laser hair removal take, and is it really worth it? Let’s jump right into that info you’re looking for!

How Long Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax Take?

As with any type of cosmetic procedure, how long your session lasts depends on the size of the targeted area. Full body laser hair removal in Fairfax can take 60 minutes or more per session. Generally, sessions do not last any longer than that. 

So, how long does it take to become permanently hair-free? Since hair grows in cycles, you can’t remove all of the hair at once. Therefore, you will have to schedule a minimum of four to six sessions spaced four to six weeks apart to achieve the best laser hair removal results.

How Does Laser Hair Removal in Fairfax Work?

Laser hair removal is fast, pain-free, and completely safe for the skin. You will be given special eyewear to ensure that the laser light does not affect your eyes. Your technician will start by applying a gel to the skin that acts as a protectant. Then, the laser is applied to the targeted area. Most of the time, patients don’t feel any kind of discomfort and are able to return back to their daily activities immediately.

How Long Do Laser Hair Removal Results Last?

Laser hair removal permanently damages the follicles, therefore it is permanent. This means you can say goodbye to the wax strips and razors, and say hello to flawless skin.

Are You Ready to Start the Summer Smoothly?

Smooth skin is always a great feeling, especially during the summer. Without worrying about the razor bumps, you can show off your skin and feel good about doing so. Contact our laser experts today at 703-747-9443 to schedule a consultation for full body laser hair removal in Fairfax. Ask about our current specials for laser hair removal, too!