Yes, Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Really Works!

Have you ever been told that you can’t have laser hair removal (LHR) due to your dark skin? Are you worried that it won’t work for you, or that it’s dangerous? Well, great news –  laser hair removal for dark skin really works, and it is completely safe!

Give Me the Scoop on Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin!

Laser hair removal is the process by which a very precise laser is used to burn off and seal the hair follicle. The procedure removes the hair and prevents it from coming back. While it may seem like an expensive procedure, costing about $2,500 to $3,000, the effects of laser hair removal last a lifetime. This makes it a small price to pay to eliminate shaving and waxing forever.

OK, it Works, But is it Safe?

Yes! Laser hair removal will work for you, no matter the amount of melanin in your skin. It is completely safe as well, and you no longer have to worry about burning or blistering due to inaccurate lasers. Today’s LHR lasers are much more precise, making it great for those with darker skin tones.

Although it is safe and effective, those with darker skin may need to undergo more treatments than those with lighter skin. This is because the amount of pigment you have affects how high the settings of the laser can be turned up.

What About Recovery?

Using advanced technologies, patients experience little to no pain during the procedure. After LHR, you are able to return to your daily routine immediately as long as you don’t experience any irritation. Your laser specialist will give you LHR aftercare instructions to follow.

Do You Have Dark Skin but Want to Take the Plunge to Laser Hair Removal?

It’s almost summertime, and it’s the perfect time to get your skin ready for the pool or beach. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for laser hair removal at 703-747-9443, and get started on your journey to becoming hair-free permanently today! Ask about our current LHR specials!