Will My Hair Come Back After Laser Hair Removal?

With the use of light and wavelengths from a laser, hair follicles are permanently damaged and/or destroyed with laser hair removal (LHR), giving you silky smooth skin! So, if you’re wondering, “Will my hair come back after laser hair removal,” you are not alone. It is a very common question, and we’ve got answers.

Tell it to Me Straight – Will My Hair Come Back After Laser Removal?

We wish this was an easy answer. Unfortunately, it isn’t. There are contributing factors that will determine whether or not you will have permanent results from laser removal, such as whether or not the follicle was destroyed or damaged and how fast your hair grows.

Because not all follicles can be destroyed at once, the cycle of hair growth also plays a role. The way your skin responds to treatment is also something to consider. Will my hair come back after laser removal will not yield a definitive answer, but if you have realistic expectations, then move forward knowing you can absolutely expect significant or permanent results. 

Here’s How to Prepare for Optimal Results From Laser Removal Near Fairfax!

Will my hair come back after laser removal treatments may not be exactly easy to answer, but preparing for your treatment sure is! To obtain optimal results, follow these steps before treatment:

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and always wear sunblock.
  • Be sure skin is clean, dry, and free of any lotions or chemicals.
  • Let your surgeon or technician know of all medications and supplements you are taking, and follow their pre-treatment instructions.
  • Shave, but do not wax or pluck, the area to be treated.

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