Is Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Actually Safe?

For quite some time, laser hair removal (LHR) for clients with dark skin was not an option. But, great news! Over the past 10-15 years, due to increasing advances in technology, individuals can now safely and successfully undergo laser hair removal treatments.  If the question, “How safe is laser hair removal for dark skin in Tysons Corner, VA,” is a concern for you, we assure you there is no need to fret. Let’s get right to the scoop!

So, Exactly How Safe is Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin in Tysons Corner, VA?

To determine how safe laser hair removal for dark skin is, we must first look at how technology has changed the game. With the use of what is called the YAG machine, the laser wavelength is longer than is found on a traditional machine. 

This longer wavelength bypasses the skin and goes straight into the hair follicle to destroy it and dramatically reduce unwanted hair growth. Because only the follicle is targeted and it can differentiate between a dark hair follicle and dark skin, there is no risk of damage. 

Are There Additional Risks For Clients With Dark Skin? 

As with any cosmetic enhancement, there can be but risks are usually minimal. To avoid potential risks, seek out a top professional in the field with experience that can be verified. Set up a consultation, so any questions you may have can be addressed in an honest environment. 

Ask about the credentials and training of staff members. Also, ask for a spot test to be done before treatment. Remember, a professional provides a comfortable environment for clients and will answer your questions openly and truthfully. 

Take the Next Step to Gorgeous Skin By Booking Laser Hair Removal at Prolase Medispa!

Now that we’ve addressed how safe is laser hair removal for dark skin, let’s talk about how you get quality care. The staff at Prolase Medispa in Tysons Corner, VA, offers you the most advanced and pain-free technology when it comes to LHR for all skin tones. 

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