Is Under-Eye Filler Safe for Treating Dark Circles?

For those plagued by persistent, dark under-eye circles, dermal filler injections seem to provide a low-risk solution. The in-office procedure effectively restores radiance to your skin. But, is under-eye filler safe?

The Answer to Your Question, “Is Under-Eye Filler Safe” is…

Yes, dermal fillers are FDA approved to treat lost facial volume. While using them under the eyes is an off-label use, it is still safe with the right injector who knows what they’re doing. As long as the filler injections are used in the same way under the eyes as in other areas, there no more risky than any other cosmetic injection use.

What to Expect After Treatment With Under-Eye Filler

Aging reduces cheek fat, and the gaps between the undereye and the cheek result in the dark hollow spaces you see in the mirror. Dermal fillers in Arlington, VA, injected under the eyes eliminate the appearance of dark circles caused by lack of volume. After thoroughly cleansing the skin, the area is numbed before the dermal fillers are injected. The area is then massaged to create the desired effect. You can expect treatment to last 15 minutes to an hour.

Because the procedure is minimally invasive, you can resume most activities right away. Redness and swelling for a couple of days are common but typically don’t require medication. After the procedure, you’ll be given ice packs to help soothe the area. You should avoid intense physical activity as your specialist recommends to help reduce swelling.

Most patients see an immediate improvement after fillers, and their best results are evident within a few weeks. You can expect your fresher, smoother results to last six months to several years or longer.

Banish Under-Eye Circles Today, With Dermal Fillers in Arlington

One key to getting your best results is to choose a provider with plenty of experience treating dark circles with dermal fillers in Arlington, VA. Cosmetic procedures are an art, so be sure to find a provider you feel comfortable with and whose work you admire.

Choose the professionals at Prolase Medispa. We’ve got the experience you need when it comes to under-eye filler treatments, now that you know is under-eye filler safe. With three convenient and comfortable locations in Arlington, Burke, and Fairfax, there’s a Prolase Medispa near you. Call us today at 703-747-9443, and say bye-bye to circles under eye with dermal filler injections.