How Long Does Restylane Under-Eye Filler Last?

Do you find yourself spending more money on concealer than you want to? Have you noticed that as much as you use, you still can’t seem to get those dark circles to go away? Restylane under-eye filler may be right for you! It can be used under the eyes to eliminate that sick and tired look that dark circles create. Before we get into how long fillers last, let’s take a look at what causes this irritating concern.

What Causes Under-Eye Circles?

There are multiple causes of dark circles under your eyes, and fillers won’t magically make them go away in all cases. Lack of sleep and even oversleeping, allergies, and dehydration can give you that tired look under your blinkers.

As with anything else in your body, the tissue under your eyes begins to lose volume as you age. This causes the hollows under your eyes to fall deeper and get darker, which can cause you to age faster aesthetically and appear more tired. This is where dermal fillers can help!

How Do Fillers Lighten My Eyes and Rejuvenate My Appearance?

Like almost all dermal fillers, Restylane under-eye filler use hyaluronic acid, or HA, directly into the hollows to fill the space. This makes your skin brighter under the eyes for a more youthful appearance, while also stimulating collagen production for lasting results. 

Okay, Give Me the Scoop – How Long Does Restylane Under-Eye Filler Last?

The great thing about getting Restylane is that it lasts a pretty long time. Depending on how you take care of your body, results can last a year or longer. The best way to extend your more rested look is to eat healthily, drink plenty of fluids, and exercise.

See Yourself in a New Light With Restylane Under-Eye Filler for Dark Circles!

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