Is Dysport Better Than Botox Injections for Smoothing Wrinkles?

There Are Many Similarities the Two Share When It Comes to Rejuvenating Facial Skin and Putting Your Best Face Forward

When Dysport hit the market in 2009, it gave Botox a run for its money. Claiming to provide the exact same results at a lower price per unit, Dysport is also an injectable neuromodulator made from botulinum toxins like Botox, and it works by relaxing overactive muscles in the face. Neuromodulators alter nerve impulses to reduce wrinkles caused by muscular contractions. 

And there are many similarities between the two neuromodulators, so it’s no wonder that people want to know is Dysport better than Botox.

They’re both considered safe and effective for the temporary treatment and prevention of wrinkles. They offer quick recovery with minimal downtime and smooth those annoying facial lines that make you look and feel way older than you should.

But That’s Where the Similarities End – And Botox Becomes the Clear Choice to Eliminate the Fine Lines and Wrinkles Stealing Your Youthful Appearance

Is Dysport Better Than Botox? NO. Here’s Why:

  • Compared to Botox, Dysport is more diluted and requires more units to accomplish the same results.
  • When injected, Botox stays in place, whereas Dysport injections can spread across a wider area and become less concentrated where you need it.
  • Though Dysport results may appear sooner, there’s evidence that Botox results last longer.
  • While Botox can be used for glabellar lines (known as 11s), crow’s feet, bunny lines, lipstick lines, marionette lines, and chin dimpling, Dysport is typically only used for crow’s feet and frown lines in the forehead.

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