Why Does My Botox Not Last as Long as It Should?

Likely Your Botox Isn’t Lasting Because You’ve Made One of These Top Two Mistakes

On average, Botox results last four months. When you pay for this cosmetic injection, you expect to achieve your desired result and for it to last at least that long.

Unfortunately, some people find themselves wondering, “Why does my Botox not last as long as it should?” 

While there are many reasons that your Botox injections to restore your youthful appearance may not be lasting, it’s likely due to one of the following mistakes:


  • You chose an unskilled and inexperienced cosmetic practitioner. If you choose a practitioner with less experience, you may not have your Botox injected into the precise location they need to go. Another common mistake of unskilled injectors is not going deep enough. This most often occurs around the mouth but can happen anywhere.
  • You asked for the wrong amount – and your practitioner followed your request. If you wanted the minimal amount knowing that your injector recommended a larger dose, you may not get the results you desire. Stick with what the professionals suggest, even if they recommend more or less than other people you know who have achieved great results.


But Don’t Blame Yourself When Trying to Figure Out Why Does My Botox Not Last

There are steps you can take to help ensure better longevity of your next injections, so there’s no need to be upset about previous results if you made one of the mistakes above.

Simply commit to choosing the best professional for cosmetic injections, and trust their expertise when they recommend the number of units you need to achieve optimal results. 

When you choose Prolase Medispa for your injections, no longer will you have to wonder why does my Botox not last, as you’ll be experiencing the benefits of well-done injections for as long as you should!

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