How Much Filler in My Lips Do I Need for Fuller, Sexier Lips?

The Answer to “How Much Filler in My Lips Do I Need?” for a Voluminous Kisser Depends on You

Your cosmetic skin care specialist will help you determine how much filler you need for a full look based on your desired results and the current size of your lips.

That Being Said, Most People Achieve the Look of Luscious Lips They Want With Just One Syringe

And oftentimes, you may only need half of a syringe on your first visit. This will give you natural looking results, and you can add to it later if you wish. If your practitioner recommends more than one syringe at your first visit, be concerned.

Certified facial plastic surgeon, Lesley Rabach, MD told Cosmopolitan Magazine, “Two syringes is too much for most people in one sitting if we’re going for a natural appearance.”

And Also, The Answer to “How Much Filler in My Lips Do I Need” Depends on the Filler You Choose for Sexier, More Youthful Lips, So Choose Wisely

Again, let’s default back to your lip injection specialist. They can help you choose the best type of lip filler for you based on your individual needs.

Restylane and JUVÉDERM are two of the top choices for hyaluronic acid lip fillers, and each lip filler can help you accomplish different goals as far as results, follow-up injections, and aftercare.

Bottom Line:

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