Be Aware of Fake Botox

While it is not a common occurrence, the use of fake Botox is a definite possibility that can have disastrous consequences.

As such, women and men need to be aware of fake Botox and take steps to protect themselves from unscrupulous providers and counterfeit product.

Continue reading for five ways to avoid black-market Botox and ensure you are being treated with the real deal.

5 Ways to Be Aware of Fake Botox

1. Choose a Reputable Injector

Often times, unethical providers attempt to cut corners with fake Botox or overly-diluted neurotoxin injections.

To limit the chance of getting bad Botox, seek treatment from a board-certified dermatologist or board-certified plastic surgeon with an excellent reputation and impeccable credentials.

2. Ask Where and How the Injector Gets Botox

Authentic Botox should be purchased directly from the manufacturer Allergan, who only sells Botox to licensed physicians.

This is just another reason to undergo treatment with a qualified injector and in a medical setting.

3. Look at the Botox Vial

To reduce the likelihood of being treated with fake Botox, be sure to look at the vial that the injector is using.

It should be clearly labeled as Botox and be fresh and unexpired.

4. Check the Allergan Website

The Allergan website is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to find the best Botox injector near me.

Being listed on the site demonstrates that the provider is Allergan-certified and has met stringent requirements set forth by the company. 

5. Stay Away from Online Deals

There’s a good chance that providers offering ultra-cheap treatments are using fake Botox. They may also be over-diluting real Botox, without patients’ knowledge, in order to keep their prices so low.

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