Why Plasma Beamwave Is the Best Under Eye Laser Treatment

Under eye bags and wrinkles can cause individuals to look tired and older than they actually are.

Fortunately, Plasma Beamwave is a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment that can tighten and smooth delicate skin under the eyes for a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Continue reading to learn all about Plasma Beamwave, including why it’s widely considered to be the best under eye laser treatment and an ideal alternative to a blepharoplasty.

What Is the Best Under Eye Laser Treatment?

If you are searching for the best under eye laser treatment, Plasma Beamwave can offer a safe, effective, and nonsurgical solution.

Plasma Beamwave is a noninvasive procedure that uses plasma to tighten skin and eliminate under eye bags, circles, and wrinkles.

It’s an excellent option for women and men who want to rejuvenate their eyes, but are not ready or willing to undergo an invasive procedure like blepharoplasty.

How Is Plasma Beamwave Treatment Performed?

Plasma Beamwave is performed in the comfort of our office by one of our highly skilled and experienced specialists.

Prior to treatment, the skin is cleansed and numbed with a topical anesthetic.

Then, a hand-held device delivers a controlled ‘micro-beam of plasma’ to the under eye area. This causes skin contracture and triggers the body’s natural healing mechanisms for visible tightening and smoothing.

Following treatment, patients may experience mild and temporary swelling for up to 48 hours.

In addition, the plasma results in small dot-shaped scabs, which usually fall off after four-to-eight days.

How Many Under Eye Laser Treatments Are Recommended?

In order to achieve optimal tightening and smoothing effects, a series of three treatments, spaced eight weeks apart, is recommended.

How Long Do Plasma Beamwave Results Last?

Longevity is one of the key reasons Plasma Beamwave is the best under eye laser treatment for bags, circles, and wrinkles.

Rejuvenation benefits can last three-to-five years and are best-preserved with a healthy lifestyle and an excellent skincare regimen.

Schedule a Consultation for the Best Under Eye Laser Treatment

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