Wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scars, stretch marks and other skin textural imperfections – eliminated with Pixel Skin Resurfacing. The treatment is perfect for candidates looking for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging effect, as well as those, who have been struggling with enlarged pores and skin texture problems, such as post-acne scars and stretch marks. Treatments are safe, effective and involve minimal discomfort and downtime.


Pixel Skin Rejuvenation

At Prolase Medispa during the Pixel Skin Resurfacing treatment a laser dissolves the molecular bonds of the outer layer of damaged skin cells to reveal a smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin beneath. It removes the old layers of skin and stimulates the regeneration of new cells.

Pixel Skin Resurfacing treatment is fast, easy and effective. Each sessions takes around 20-30 minutes and does not involve any discomfort. Your laser technician will apply cooling air to provide more comfort and prevent any skin overheating during the procedure. During the treatment patients may experience mild stinging sensation on the skin, while straight after the procedure a feeling of a sun burn is normal. Laser technician will apply numbing cream straight after the treatment to eliminate any of discomfort.

The number of treatments depends on the patient’s skin condition. It is recommended to have a series of at least 4 sessions to achieve significant results, though the difference can be seen after each procedure. For deeper fine lines/wrinkles and more complicated problems like stretch marks or acne scars, additional treatments may be recommended.


The best candidate for Pixel Skin Resurfacing is the one with elastic, non-oily skin, not prone to scarring after minor injury. Patients with lighter skin tones are considered better candidates for Pixel Skin Resurfacing than those with darker skin tones. The treatment is not recommended for V and VI Fitzpatric skin types.


Following the treatment, skin will look like after a sun burn. It is normal to feel sore, and if needed pain medication like Tylenol might be taken straight after and the night of the session.
Pinkness/Redness may stay for 1-3 days following the treatment. Within the next 3-7 days upper layer of the dead skin cells will start crusting and peeling. A lot of moisturizing and sun protection is recommended during this time.
Upon healing the new skin appears smoother, tighter and younger-looking. Wrinkles, fine lines and scars get less visible with each session. Smoking decreases the skin’s healing ability.

Risks and Benefits

The procedure is non-ablative (no cutting), making this very effective treatment one of the safest light-based facial treatments available. However, there are a few potential risks that include: bruising, blistering, scabbing, and changes in the skin’s pigmentation. Side effects may include, but not limited to: pinkness/redness of skin, swelling of the treated area, irritation as after sunburn. Most of these issues disappear soon after treatment.
In rare cases side effects such as burning, scarring or a change in the pigmentation may occur.

  • Sun exposure within a month
  • Propensity to scarring after a minor injury
  • Darker skin tones
  • Active presence of acne – can increase the risk of infection
  • History of herpes/cold sore breakouts – may cause a new breakout (anti-viral is recommended)
  • Immune system disorders – hard recovery
  • Drug allergies
  • Medical conditions
  • Antibiotics within 2 weeks
  • Accutane
  • Recent chemical peels
  • Skin bruise
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