Military Cosmetic Discounts in Fairfax, Virginia: What You Should Know

When you look good, you feel good, and that’s exactly what cosmetic services aim to help you with. If you or a loved one have served in the military, you especially want to feel good.

The question is, can you get military cosmetic discounts in Fairfax, Virginia? Keep reading to find out!

Is It Possible to Receive a Military Discount on Cosmetic Procedures?

It’s time to lay the rumor to rest: service members or loved ones of military personnel do not inherently receive discounts or free cosmetic procedures as a general rule. This is especially true for plastic surgeries.

If you or a loved one receive military benefits such as Tricare, they are unlikely to assist with any cosmetic procedure that isn’t deemed medically necessary. This means restoration after an injury, reconstructive surgery for birth defects, and / or other essential services.

What Can I Do to Get a Discount on Procedures I Want?

While Tricare or other services may not offer you a discount within their specific networks, you’ll be happy to learn that certain medical spas and providers do offer military cosmetic discounts in Fairfax, Virginia!

So, even if insurance or other programs won’t throw you a bone for Botox or other aesthetic treatments, individual medical spas often do.

Look for reputable medical spas that provide special offers for those who have or are currently serving. This information is usually available on their website, however you may have to call and ask. Once you confirm with them, simply ask what you need to do to enjoy your discount!

Learn More About Military Cosmetic Discounts in Fairfax, Virginia by Contacting Prolase Medispa!

Prolase Medispa wants to thank you for your sacrifice by offering a discount for military clients and their families! This currently includes 15% off of injectables and 30% off of our other services, though this is subject to change.

Call us today at 703-953-6410 to learn more about our special offers and how to apply them during your appointment!