How To Find the Best Med Spa in VA

How To Find the Best Med Spa in VA

Usually, Botox and dermal fillers are some of the safest compounds in medicine. Unfortunately, poor federal oversight has allowed unqualified practitioners to capitalize on the popularity of these treatments.

As a result, people can have complications ranging from unsightly cosmetic issues to medical problems, such as nerve damage. Before you have any kind of injection, you should familiarize yourself with the warnings that might steer you away from the best med spa for you.

Your Injector Is Willing To Work Anywhere

While the idea of having your injector show up at your house, workplace, or hotel room seems very convenient, it’s a clear sign that hygiene isn’t their top priority.

Many people who make botox or filler “house calls” lack training. This is the same as letting a stranger give you cosmetic injections, so it’s incredibly risky. Injections should only be administered in a sterile clinical setting. Prolase Medispa has three locations in Fairfax, Burke, and Falls Church, Virginia

There Isn’t A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Or Registered Nurse Present

Today, many doctors and nurses offer in-office cosmetic injections, and patients feel safe with this option because they know they’re working with medical professionals.

However, while doctors and nurses know how to administer medical injections, they lack the training needed to create pleasing botox and filler results. Prolase Medispa employs a licensed plastic surgeon who is also a fellowship doctor!

They Lack Experience

Nobody wants to be treated by an inexperienced practitioner. If you’re undergoing cosmetic procedures, you want to be assured that you’re being taken care of by a professional. Prolase Medispa has been serving Virginia since 2014 and has thousands of successful treatment stories.

If you’re ready to start your journey to a more rejuvenated you, browse the Prolase Medispa website and see for yourself what makes us a leading provider in Virginia.


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