How Much Is Laser Hair Removal Near Me?

There comes a point when daily shaving or monthly waxing appointments become a painful, costly, and time-consuming burden.

If you can relate, then it may be time to consider laser hair removal as a better alternative.

But before making the switch, you probably want to know: How much is laser hair removal near me?

Continue reading to find out the answer to this question, including the price range for some of the most common LHR treatment areas.

How Much Is Laser Hair Removal Near Me?

How much is laser hair removal near me? This has to be one of the most commonly-asked LHR questions and understandably so!

Laser hair removal cost is typically calculated per treatment site, and larger areas, like the legs and chest, tend to cost more than smaller areas, like the lip and underarms.  

The number of treatment areas must also be considered, as many patients choose to target several body parts at the same time.

Once you’ve determined the per treatment cost for each area, multiple that number by six-to-eight sessions. That’s because a series of LHR is recommended to accommodate hair growth cycles and achieve the greatest degree of hair reduction.

Keep in mind that many laser hair removal centers offer package deals for patients who are doing multiple LHR sites and are able to pre-pay for their treatments ahead of time.

LHR Cost According to Treatment Area

Pricing for laser hair removal can vary from one practice to another and often depends on specialist credentials and experience, technology used, and geographic location of the office.

With that said, here’s a look at LHR price ranges for some of the most common treatment areas

LHR Cost Per Treatment Area

  • Full Face: from $250 – $650
  • Upper Lip: from $100 – $300
  • Chin: from $100 – $300
  • Underarms: from $150 – $250
  • Regular Bikini: from $150 – $450
  • Brazilian Bikini: from $250 – $500
  • Back: from $300 – $800
  • Chest: from $150 – $450
  • Abdomen: from $150 – $400

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