How Long Does the Best Full-Body Laser Hair Removal in Virginia Take?

Unwanted hair, on your face or anywhere on your body, can be unsightly. For many men and women, it can impact self-esteem.

That’s why thousands of people choose the best full-body laser hair removal in Virginia.

How Does Full-Body Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal, or LHR, involves targeting hair follicles with light energy. That energy, which is attracted to melanin, converts to heat to destroy the follicles.

This process inhibits hair growth wherever used, so when used all over the body it results in full-body hair reduction.

How Many Full-Body Laser Hair Removal Sessions Do I Need to Be Hair Free?

Most patients benefit most from six to eight sessions. The reason full-body laser hair removal takes multiple sessions is because of the stages of hair growth:

  • Growth (anagen) phase: This is the active phase and it can last between two and seven years. Your specific growth phase is dependent on factors such as genetics and the area of your body.
  • Transition (catagen) phase: Lasting around ten days, this is the phase in which hair follicles move closer to the skin.
  • Resting (telogen) phase: Approximately 10% to 15% of your hair is in the phase at any given time. During this three-month phase, old hair is close to your skin’s surface with new hair forming in the bulb of the follicle.
  • New hair (exogen) phase: Old hair is shed and new hair pushes through your skin, thus beginning the growth phase. It’s normal to shed between 50 to 150 hairs a day. 

LHR only works during the growth phase, so you must return for hair removal once hair in other phases at your first session are in the growth phase. It’s important to time your laser hair removal correctly for optimal results.

I Am Ready to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair! Where Should I Go for the Best Full-Body Laser Hair Removal in Virginia?

Prolase Medispa is the top hair removal provider in Northern Virginia, and our experts are excited to share with you all the benefits of full-body LHR!

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