Full-Body Laser Hair Removal Pricing Near Sterling, Virginia Now: What to Expect

Full-body laser hair removal (LHR) allows you to save time and money in the long run compared to other forms of hair removal.

Shaving, waxing, hair removal creams – it’s time to set them aside in favor of something more effective and long lasting! So, what should you expect when it comes to full-body laser hair removal pricing near Sterling, Virginia now? Here’s the scoop!

What Body Parts Are Targeted in Full-Body Hair Removal?

Based on the name of this treatment, it probably does not surprise you that full-body hair removal aims to remove the hair from your whole body including areas such as your face, bikini line, legs, underarms, back, and upper body.

How Much Is Laser Hair Removal Near Sterling, Virginia?

Full-body laser hair removal costs up to $800 per session or more with an overall price likely to be between $3,200 to $4,800. You’ll likely need four to eight sessions, though many people don’t need more than six.

If you want multiple parts of your body lasered, it is a good financial move to choose allover treatment, since that cost is typically much less than having all areas treated individually over time.

What Affects Full-Body Laser Hair Removal Pricing Near Sterling, Virginia Now?

Several variables affect the cost of laser hair removal, both related to the treatment itself and factors peripheral to the treatment.

Some important areas to consider are how big the areas are, how many treatments you need, the types of treatment you get, and your geographic location. Here’s what you should know about how each of these factors play a role in your total cost.

LHR Treatment Area Size

In Virginia, laser hair removal can cost between $250 and $1,750 or more per area, with underarms between $300 and $650, the bikini area between $250 and $550, legs between $450 and $950, and the upper body between $700 and $1,700.

Those prices may increase if those body parts are larger or if you have more hair to be removed.

Number of Laser Hair Removal Treatments

In some cases, the cost of your laser hair removal may be a flat rate unrelated to the number of treatment sessions you need.

However, you can often expect a reduction in cost per session as the number of sessions you need increases. For instance, if your provider thinks you only need four sessions, the price per session may be higher than the price per session if they believe you’ll need eight.

Essentially, the more you buy, the more you save. Think of it similarly to bulk pricing at big chain stores that sell large quantities at better prices.

The number of treatments you need may depend on how much hair you have and how fast it grows and other variables. The treatment sessions should take place about every four to six weeks. 

Treatment Type

There are actually several different types of hair removal lasers. Your technician may recommend one over the other based on your skin and hair type, your end goal, and your desired timeline.

Some of those lasers cost more than others, such as Diode and YAG, two of the most common types of lasers for laser hair removal.

Your Hair Color

Laser hair removal works by recognizing the melanin in your hair. Once the laser targets the hair, it destroys the follicle by heating it to a high temperature. Historically, lasers worked by recognizing the color contrast between dark hair and light skin. As a result, they did not work very well on people with light hair and dark skin, dark hair and dark skin, or light hair and light skin. 

Now, there are several new laser types that work with any skin and hair color combinations with risk of side effects such as burning or blistering. Some of these lasers protect the skin by cooling it rapidly or by using lasers at different wavelengths. For example, a dual-wavelength laser works much better for those with light skin and hair. 

Geographic Location

Price can be quite influenced by the geographic location. Typically, cosmetic services are more expensive in larger cities and along the east and west coasts. In contrast, they’re often cheaper in inland areas and smaller cities. Of course, LHR follows this trend.

The reason for the influence of geography on price is that large cities and coastal areas are usually more populous. So, they attract more people interested in cosmetic procedures. Those areas also have a higher cost of living, and specialists in those areas are likely in higher demand than those in smaller cities or rural areas. 

Does Insurance Cover Full-Body Laser Hair Removal?

It’s pretty rare for health insurance to cover any type of cosmetic service, LHR included. There are a few rare cases in which it may be covered though, such as certain skin conditions including pilonidal cysts or hidradenitis.

If you think you may have coverage, talk to your insurance provider to see. This is a great way to help save some of your hard-earned dough.

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