All My Friends Are Getting Fillers, Should I?

If it seems like everyone around you is undergoing cosmetic injections, you may be thinking–all my friends are getting fillers, should I? Where do I even get started with an injectable treatment? Which filler is right for me?

To help you make a well-informed decision, continue reading to learn all about dermal fillers including how to select the best injector and product.

Where Do I Get Started with Fillers?

The first thing to do is assess why you may be considering fillers. If it’s because you want to enhance your appearance and improve the way you look, then fillers may be a good idea.

But if it’s to fit in or because you feel pressured, then you may wish to rethink your motivation.

Next, it’s important to seek a consultation from a qualified, skilled, and experienced injector. You can even ask your friends for a referral if you like their filler results.

Which Filler is Right for You?

Dermal fillers are injectable products that can treat a wide range of cosmetic concerns including moderate to severe wrinkles, facial folds, under eye circles, temple hollows, thinning lips, sagging cheeks, skin laxity, and age-related volume loss.

An in-person consultation with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic certain is the best way to determine which of the numerous filler products – Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero, Radiesse, Sculptra, and Bellafill – best meets your needs and goals.

How to Ensure a Safe and Effective Filler Treatment?

Fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm have an excellent safety profile because they are made of hyaluronic acid – a substance than naturally occurs in the body and presents little to no risk of an allergic reaction.

Hyaluronic acid fillers can also be reversed, which makes them ideal for beginners who want to test the waters.

If you are not happy with your filler results or experience an unforeseen complication, an enzyme called hyaluronidase can be injected to dissolve all or some of the filler.

Learn More About Dermal Fillers

If you are considering dermal fillers, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented providers.