Best Painless Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Arlington: Fact or Fiction?

It’s not a secret that laser hair removal works. It’s a tried and true method of removing unwanted hair on almost every part of your body.

The real question is how can you make it a painless experience? Is the best painless laser hair removal treatment in Arlington fact or fiction? The answer may surprise you!

I Know Laser Hair Removal Works, but Exactly How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal (LHR) works by converting light energy to heat to destroy hair follicles. The light energy is attracted to melanin in hair follicles. Once that energy targets the follicles, it converts to heat. That process damages or destroys follicles to inhibit hair growth.

Will I Need More Than One LHR Session?

While you might see success after one treatment, it is recommended you have six to eight laser sessions scheduled four to six weeks apart for optimal results. This is because your hair grows in cycles, and LHR works best during the active growth phase.

When Will I See Laser Hair Removal Results?

Everyone is different, and results vary. It’s possible to see some improvement after just two or three laser sessions. Some patients notice shedding after one. You can expect a 60% to 80% hair reduction after six treatments.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Yes and no. Any hair follicles that are completely destroyed during the process will never be able to regrow hair. Your results in those areas are permanent.

Some follicles may only be damaged and can eventually heal and regrow hair, though it will be fine and sparse. You should plan to have maintenance treatments as needed after you complete your initial treatment plan to maintain your hair-free skin.

How Do I Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

The best painless laser hair removal treatment in Arlington isn’t one you can have on a whim. It does require some prep work. It’s not difficult but certainly necessary.

You should carefully follow all instructions given to you by your provider before treatment. Taking the following steps will guarantee a comfortable experience:

  • Avoid topical products that cause photosensitivity. These can include hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, retinols, and benzoyl peroxide. Any products containing those ingredients should not be applied to the treatment area for at least three days before your appointment. Instead, use a gentle cleanser and lotion.
  • Be mindful of UV ray exposure. It’s important to not tan or get a sunburn before laser hair removal for two weeks beforehand. If you need to be outside, always use a broad-spectrum sunblock with an SPF of 30 or above, even on rainy days.
  • You might need to stop certain medications. If you are taking antibiotics or certain other drugs such as those that cause photosensitivity, you may need to stop taking them (but only do so under your prescribing physician’s supervision).
  • Stick to shaving. If you pluck, wax, or bleach your hair before LHR, your treatments won’t work because the follicle is gone so the laser can’t find melanin. All methods of hair removal except for shaving should be stopped two weeks before your appointment.
  • Some cosmetic treatments will be off-limits. Planning on Botox or dermal fillers? Those cosmetic treatments, as well as chemical peels and microdermabrasion, should be avoided for at least 14 days before laser hair removal.
  • Go to your laser hair removal appointment with clean skin. Shower and shave the treatment area before your session, but do not apply any type of deodorants, lotions, creams, body oil on the area you are having treated.
  • Take a pain reliever. About thirty minutes before your appointment, take an over-the-counter  (OTC) pain reliever. Before treatment, ask your provider to apply a topical numbing agent to your skin. These two steps will maximize your comfort.

What Side Effects Are Associated With Laser Hair Removal?

Side effects are typically minimal and temporary. Again, your provider will give you post-treatment instructions to make sure you get the best laser hair removal results possible.

For a few hours, you might experience some swelling and redness at the treatment site. Those can easily be soothed with ice packs and an OTC pain reliever.

How Do I Know if Laser Hair Removal Is Right for Me?

Your first step to laser hair removal success is a consultation. You should prepare for this too. Write down any questions or concerns you may have about the treatment.

Have handy your medical history including dates of surgeries and a list of medications, supplements, and / or vitamins you’re taking. Once all information is gathered, you’ve been given complete information about your treatment, and you’ve shared your goals, your custom LHR plan will be created.

Your Search for the Best Painless Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Arlington Ends at Prolase Medispa!

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