How Much Does the Best Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost in Northern Virginia?

When shaving is tedious and extremely temporary and waxing is just too painful for the results you get, what can you turn to for a smooth bikini line?

Laser hair removal, of course. Here’s what you need to know, plus where you can find the best Brazilian laser hair removal cost in Northern Virginia!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work to Permanently Reduce Hair?

Laser hair removal (LHR) is performed by passing a light-based laser device over your skin to target your hair follicles and send a powerful beam of light.

This light then damages your follicles, resulting in long-lasting hair reduction and delayed hair growth. Any hair that does grow back, which can take several months or even years to occur, is finer in thickness and lighter in color, plus less of it grows.

There are many laser systems available to achieve this outcome, depending on your skin tone, hair type and color, and other factors. So, you should work with a reputable laser technician to ensure the right device is used for your skin.

What Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, and Which Areas Does It Include?

Brazilian laser hair removal refers to full or almost full hair removal on the pubic areas, including the labia and buttocks. There is also bikini line laser hair removal, however this only covers what the name implies – only the hair that is visible outside of a bikini or panties.

Bikini line hair removal isn’t enough for most people, which is why many people opt for Brazilian laser hair removal instead. This treatment covers the labia, pubic mound, anus, buttocks, and even the area where your inner thigh and pubic area meet.

Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Painful? What Are the Benefits?

Given the sensitive nature of the area, you may experience some discomfort during your treatment, but it shouldn’t be excruciating or unbearable. Most people liken the sensation to a rubber band snapping against their skin. A cooling gel or numbing cream are typically applied before treatment, especially if you have a low pain tolerance.

The benefits outweigh any temporary discomfort (which you might not even experience at all) and include:

  • Cost effectiveness: In the long run, LHR helps you to save money compared to recurring razors and waxes.
  • Customization: Your Brazilian LHR sessions can be done in several ways, including a full Brazilian, mini Brazilian, Brazilian plus, and more.
  • Long-lasting results: Little to no maintenance is required.
  • Lack of side effects: Ingrown hairs from shaving? Angry razor bumps? Pain from waxing? All things of the past!
  • Safety and effectiveness: All skin tones can experience the benefits of LHR.

How Much Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost? Is It Expensive?

The main factors for the cost are the size of the treated area and the number of appointments you need to achieve desired results, which is anywhere from six to 12 sessions.

The best Brazilian laser hair removal cost in Northern Virginia is even better than you’d expect, starting at as little as $110 per session. A full Brazilian treatment rarely costs more than $400 per visit, given that the area is small.

Make sure to ask your provider about financing and discounts. Often, the more sessions you pay for upfront, the cheaper the cost per visit.

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