Is It OK to Work Out After Getting Botox?

work out after getting botox in fairfax

Even though it’s been around for nearly 20 years as an FDA-approved cosmetic injection, people around the world still flock to Botox for smooth, youthful, wrinkle-free skin. As the gold-standard injectable for erasing fine lines and wrinkles, Botox’s popularity continues to skyrocket year after year. As its popularity increases, so do the common misconceptions. One such misconception revolves around exercising after receiving Botox. Is it OK to work out after getting Botox? Let’s review the factors.

Here’s the Scoop on What Factors Into Play When It Comes to Exercise and Botox in Fairfax!

Exercise can increase blood flow as well as your blood pressure. What does this mean for your Botox results? Exercising immediately after Botox can result in the injectable spreading in unpredictable ways. It can also lead to increased swelling and bruising and can increase how quickly the Botox is metabolized.

So, Is it OK to Work Out After Getting Botox?

At the absolute least, you should wait 4 hours before attempting to work out after getting Botox. Ideally, you’d want to give the injectable time to bind to the receptors in the muscle and give yourself 24 hours after your treatment before exercising.

Want to Be Sure to Max Out Your Botox Results?

If you’re looking to maximize your anti-aging effects, waiting a day before exercising is just one of many. Silly as it may sound, working out your face by contracting your facial muscles immediately after injections can help the Botox work into the muscle. For the longest-lasting results, take excellent care of your skin after injections by limiting excessive sun exposure, and be sure to slather on sunscreen!

In most cases, give it 24 hours before attempting to work out after getting Botox in Fairfax, and then you can go right back to your normal exercise routine. Our staff is ready to help get your appointment scheduled. Call us today at 703-474-9443 to book your appointment for Botox on one of your rest days! Be sure to ask about our current specials when you call!


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