How the Best CoolSculpting in Great Falls Works!

How the Best CoolSculpting in Great Falls Works!

CoolSculpting is the hot new thing that is not hot at all. The revolutionary technology used in this procedure can freeze the fat off and contour your body.

If you’re wondering exactly how this procedure works, here’s what you need to know about the best CoolSculpting in Great Falls. 

Before CoolSculpting: What You Should Know

Before treatment, you should make sure that you are very close to your target weight. You should also be sure that you are taking good care of your skin. Avoid sun exposure prior to treatment, and stay hydrated.

Here’s What Happens During CoolSculpting

The tool used in this procedure targets fat cells and destroys them using cryolipolysis. This kills the fat cells without doing any damage to other types of tissue.

After the best CoolSculpting in Great Falls, your body will naturally process the fat cells and remove them from your system. 

The process lasts about 45 minutes and is mostly painless. You may need multiple treatments. This is most likely if the body area you are targeting is on the larger side, such as abs. 

And, How It Works Afterward

You should be able to resume your normal activities immediately after treatment. You may experience some side effects such as redness or bruising after treatment, but these issues should go away on their own shortly afterward. 

You will not see results immediately, since your body needs time to process the fat. Full CoolSculpting results are evident within a few months of treatment.

It is a good idea for you to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly after treatment to maintain your results, and be sure to follow all aftercare instructions

When You Want the Best CoolSculpting in Great Falls, You Need Prolase!

Our amazing CoolSculpting providers at Prolase Medispa will help you get the body shape that you want with this cutting-edge procedure.

Contact us at 703-953-6410 to make an appointment as soon as possible!


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