How Much is Under-Eye Filler in Fairfax to Eliminate Dark Circles?

Are you tired of looking tired? Under-eye circles are such a nuisance, and nothing over the counter ever works. There’s only one solution: dermal fillers!If you want to talk to a professional in Northern Virginia about getting rid of under-eye circles, you’re probably wondering, “How much is under-eye filler in Fairfax, VA?”

So, What Are Under-Eye Circles Anyway?

Under-eye circles are usually caused by hollows under the skin that is beneath your eyes. As we age, these hollows become deeper and darker because you lose the tissue that fills them. That’s when dark circles start to plague your pictures and make you look tired when you’re not.

How Can Injectables Help?

Under-eye fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane contain hyaluronic acid. When it is injected into the hollows beneath your eyes, it not only replaces lost volume, but stimulates collagen production to restore a healthier appearance under the eyes.

Okay, How Much Under-Eye Filler Do I Need?

The amount of filler you need depends on how deep the hollows are under your eyes. If you have particularly deep circles, you need a full syringe per under each eye. However, if your circles aren’t that deep, you may only need a half syringe per eye.

So, Exactly How Much is Under-Eye Filler in Fairfax, Virginia?

Under-eye filler is priced by syringe. For instance, Juvéderm is anywhere between $500 and 800 a syringe, and Restylane is about $300 and 800 a syringe. Keep in mind, fillers are absorbed naturally by your body, and you need to return for another treatment in a few months. Prices always vary by geographic location and experience of the person performing the treatment. 

Love the Way You Look By Combining Treatments!

You look exquisite with just under-eye filler, but why not look even better by combining treatments? See how your face can have complete rejuvenation by talking to your provider about combination therapy.

Our Mission Is Your Beauty at Prolase Medispa!

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