Enhancing Microneedling Results

Enhancing Microneedling Results

Nobody likes looking in the mirror and seeing signs of aging. Luckily, treatments like microneedling minimize these signs.

Microneedling uses a series of needles to poke small holes over the surface of the skin.

Its goal is to open a path to lower levels of the derma. Skincare products and serums can then be applied to the face, where they are easily absorbed into the skin via the holes created.

But how do you maximize the effects of this treatment? Read on to learn more.

Consult Openly With Your Medical Professional

Be open with your medical professional about any skin problems before the treatment, as they may affect whether you can get the treatment.

You should not seek this treatment if you have any active skin diseases, eczema, or herpes, among other conditions. You may need to take or stop medications for a couple of days before your procedure to prevent any complications during the process.

Listen To Your Medical Professional On What To Avoid

Your medical professional might instruct you to stop using topical medications before the day of your microneedling treatment. It might also be recommended that you avoid any anti-inflammatory treatments.

Certain medications can thin your blood and might cause excess bleeding and bruising. However, you should never stop taking prescribed medications without talking to your physician. 

Avoid Exposure To the Sun

Your skin will be highly sensitive after the procedure, so protecting your skin from the UV rays of the sun is highly important. You should always wear sunscreen, but it is especially important after microneedling.

Set Up An Effective Treatment Plan

Microneedling does not go into effect immediately. The skin needs time to heal and for the new layer to develop with firmer skin. Commit to improving your skin in the long-term by keeping with a daily regimen designed to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Prolase Medispa is prepared to help you achieve your best and healthiest skin, so contact us today and book your microneedling consultation.


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