All About Pixel Laser Treatments

While laser skin resurfacing treatments have the ability to repair skin and eliminate imperfections, they often require extensive downtime and recovery.

Fortunately, Pixel laser is designed to gently target common concerns and improve skin tone and texture, with minimal downtime and discomfort.

To learn all about Pixel laser treatments, read on.

What Is Pixel Laser?

Pixel is a noninvasive laser skin resurfacing treatment that targets fine lines, acne scars

uneven skin tone, surgical scars, pigmentary issues, enlarged pores, and roughness. It can be applied to the face, neck, and décolletage and is considered to be one of the most advanced, yet gentle, resurfacing technologies currently available.

How Do Pixel Laser Treatments Improve Skin Tone and Texture?

Pixel laser treatments are non-ablative, so they do not vaporize the top layer of skin.

Instead, Pixel uses laser energy to create small holes in tissue, without damaging surrounding skin. The unharmed skin then aids in the rapid healing of microscopic injuries and helps regenerate collagen and elastin.

As a result, Pixel laser skin resurfacing repairs skin from the inside out for a smooth, radiant, and even appearance.

What’s the Difference Between Fraxel and Pixel Laser Treatments?

Fraxel and Pixel laser treatments are both non-ablative and rely on fractional laser energy. However, the differ in terms of wavelength and depth of penetration.

More specifically, Fraxel laser operates at 1550nm and 1927nm wavelengths, while Pixel utilizes a 2940nm wavelength. A longer wavelength means that Pixel can achieve deeper penetration of the collagen-rich dermis and is better able to promote cellular-renewal.

How Long Does It Take to See Pixel Results?

Most patients will note visible improvement in skin tone and texture within 3 weeks. Over time, lines become smoother, acne scars soften, and hyperpigmentation fades.

A series of treatments, spaced 1 month apart, is recommended for optimal outcomes.

Get Started with Pixel Laser Treatments

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